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By day or night I am either a drummer or photographer. Occasionally both. I seem to have a passion for creating things. My love of travel and exploration have been expanded due to being able to work with both my passions.

Nominated for a Grammy in 2016 with the New Budapest Orpheum Society I have been able to travel with music and that in turn has allowed me to take pictures where I have gone. 

I lived in Norwich, in the United Kingdom, before moving to Chicago, USA in August 2008.

I currently work Full-Time as a photographer for AmTab Manufacturing. I travel all around the US taking photographs of products in their natural environment. Previous work includes teaching photography at Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes, as well as being the Lab coordinator for staff and students alike for Adobe Lightroom. I also teach percussion in the Chicago area. You are just as likely to catch me playing drums and percussion with my own band Contrabanda, or in an abandoned building photographing its history.

As well as playing in local musicals or orchestras, I also used to be seen on the road with the Royal Hanneford Circus as Musical Director. 

I am prepared to give you my time and effort to create something that we can both be proud of.

I am available for freelance work, close to home or far away, and tutoring in photography and Lightroom.

Thank you for looking at my site.


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